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Our Services

The goal of our project services including our procedures and approach is to provide Owners with a project that meets their expectations and remains within budget and on schedule. These procedures, which have been successful on many projects, are divided into three parts.



24ACS partners with high quality experienced subcontractors that are current with the latest means and methods of construction.  We rely on accurate input from all of our trade partners to ensure that we provide real time cost analysis.



We believe that defining a clear scope of work is essential to effectively manage and deliver a project on time and within budget.  Our Project Managers work diligently to develop detailed scopes of work for our subcontractors, clarifying conflicts and ensuring coverage of every detail in the plans and specifications.  This minimizes conflict, protects contingency and paves the way for a successful project.



The construction schedule provides the proper planning of the work and enables the parties to identify new challenges and changing situations that could impact the schedule.  We know and understand that everyone involved in the project is relying on us to deliver on time, so meeting the schedule is of the highest priority for our team.



Our team will work with the Architect and design team for feasibility before construction begins.  This allows our client to identify issues and resolutions up front rather than experience unnecessary cost impact and delays during construction.



We work with quality tradesmen who specialize in all facets of construction.  We do not self-perform any trades. Our specialty is assembling the right team of professionals to guide the construction and ensure code compliance and quality of the building.  We will select from our staff, those best qualified to meet the needs of each unique project.



Our goal is to provide our clients with the highest quality of services. Our construction management team oversees the overall planning, coordination, and control of the project from beginning through completion. Team members are specifically assigned for the duration of the job to ensure continuity communication and construction.




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